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Over the past 25 years Forest Voluntary Action Forum has developed a reputation for encouraging, embracing and enhancing community action throughout the Forest of Dean. We strongly believe that through community-led approaches we enable citizens to develop the skills, resiliency and social capital to live more cohesively with one another. The result of which leads to greater empowerment both individually and collectively in meeting health, well-being and social needs.

As the Volunteer Centre for the Forest of Dean, we support volunteering that involves individuals, voluntary and community groups and organisations, public sector bodies and private companies. We offer a wide range of services and valuable advice and information to individuals who are interested in volunteering.

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ties to and between local community groups to support volunteering more effectively.



community group members to provide a more professional voluntary service.



those who can help make a difference by volunteering in and around the Forest of Dean.


all caring people like you with the community groups and businesses who need volunteers to support their community projects.

Current FVAF Projects

Supporting Vounteering

the first point of contact for anyone that's interested in volunteering in or around the Forest. Learn more...

Walking with Wheels

all-terrain electric wheelchairs allowing those with poor mobility to enjoy the Forest. Learn more...


focused and affordable programme of training opportunities with qualified trainers. Learn more...

Foresters' Forest

raising awareness and participation in the built, natural and cultural heritage of our Forest. Learn more...

Café 31

a safe and inclusive environment in which to relax, socialise, work and play. Learn more...

Cinderford Youth Activities

supporting and mentoring young people's wellbeing through healthy activity. Learn more...

Youth Association

supporting youth into appropriate volunteering opps and on into successful employment.

Forest Compass

the definitive guide to business and events happening throughout the Forest. Learn more...


supporting community group events on the ground and with digital events management. Learn more...

Know your Patch

connecting the Voluntary and Community Sectors, Statutory Srvcs and local residents. Learn more...

Some important statistics

  • 944 Volunteers on Call
  • 85904 Volunteer Hours Served
  • 422 Individuals Trained
  • 807 Community Groups Helped

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